Our Core Values

Fhufhani Aviation’s values are the compass for the company’s actions and decision-making process. These values serve as the ethical motivation behind our brand and business practices.

Service Orientated – Customer satisfaction is an integral component of our business and that is why service delivery is at the forefront of our business practices. Keeping customers happy only serves to validate and promote the Fhufhani brand.

Safety and Reliability – Aviation holds itself to a high standard that we must attain and strive to consistently improve on.

Honest and Trustworthy – Transparency is essential to maintaining an honest service. We maintain this through reliable and consistent communication with our clients.

Professionalism – We deliver competent services while effectively using and growing company resources and increasing productivity. We care about getting it right, both the experience of our clients and for our own reputation. Every detail is important to us.

Innovation and Creativity – We are a company of dynamic and passionate individuals. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by promoting a culture of innovation and creativity in our company.

Continuous improvement – We aim to continuously enhance the quality of our services by promoting and fostering creativity, initiative and resourcefulness amongst the Fhufhani team consequently improving competency.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) – We aim to foster a relationship with Government, which will ensure that our aspirations to cultivate and nurture the development of skills in the South African youth are realized.

Financial responsibility – This company must be adequately resourced to finance the plans, working capital needs and to continue to build its reserves for future development.

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