Fhufhani Aviation Solutions is an aviation holdings company that has interests in aircraft leasing, airport management, passenger and cargo transfers as well as pilot training. The holding company consists of the following entities: Fhufhani Charters and Leasing (Pty) Ltd which specialises in short and long term aircraft leasing, Fhufhani Logistics (Pty) Ltd which specialises in airport logistics and management, Fhufhani Airlines (Pty) Ltd which specialises in passenger and cargo transfers and Fhufhani Training (Pty) Ltd which specialises in pilot and flight crew training.


Fhufhani is a young company with the desire to become an aviation giant capable of successfully offering a diverse range of services. Through the skills that the company possesses and existing professional relationships, Fhufhani is well poised to establish a reputable brand that will ultimately be the leader in the sector including aircraft leasing, airport management and pilot training. This entity is owned and controlled by Vutomi Jones, Julio Muller and Tirhani Group Holdings.

Fhufhani Aviation’s services contribute towards the sustainable development of aviation activities and infrastructure in economically viable, underdeveloped regions. Fhufhani’s product offering facilitates the company’s philosophy for transformation, job creation and sustainable economic development within the aviation industry; through collaboration with the private and public sector, as well as other relevant stakeholders that include the aviation regulatory industry.



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